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Street Pastors were pioneered in the UK in 2003 by Sir Les Isaac.

On that first night,18 volunteers took to the streets of Brixton (London) and since then this initiative has grown to encompass a network of volunteers who engage with people on the streets to care for them, listen to them,

and help them.

First Street Pastors.jpg

This Photo was taken at the first commissioning of Street Pastors in 2003 (some young faces in there!).

On that first night of patrolling in Brixton, 18 people went out for the first time as Street Pastors:

15 women and 3 men.

We want to say a big thank you to those 15 women who played a key role in getting us moving, and to all the women who have come on board since. They are still the majority of the work force behind all our initiatives.


Ascension Trust is the "umbrella body" for Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors (as well as for some other initiatives).

See for more details.

There are now between 200 and 300 towns and cities around the UK that have Street Pastor teams.

Street Pastors wear a blue uniform, with the words "Street Pastor" visible in white on the back and a smaller logo on the front.


Street Pastors are not police, ambulance, or emergency services in any way;

they do not have powers of law enforcement or arrest. 


Street Pastors are willing to engage with people in an open and non-judgmental manner, whatever their situation. They maintain confidentiality so far as is legal.


We have been helping vulnerable people by taking Jesus onto the streets on most Fridays and Saturday nights since May 2005.

In 2016, we were given the Queens Award for Voluntary Service – the highest award a voluntary group can receive in

the UK. On 19th May 2016 two of our team attended a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace where they saw the late Queen and other members of of the Royal Family.

Despite the pandemic, we went out when allowed in 2021 and over the year completed 30 night-time patrols and

38 day-time patrols. During those patrols we:

* talked to 49 rough sleepers/ homeless people;
* collected and binned 90 bottles and 30 glasses (to prevent them being used as weapons); 

* attended 12 First Aid incidents; and

* handed out 30 hot drinks, 38 bottles of water, 31 chocolate bars, 10 pairs of flip- flops, 9 sleeping bags, and 2 foil blankets.

During 2022, we were:

* recruiting; 

* meeting the community whilst on patrol in the High Street and along the seafront on Fiday evenings and in some parks on Saturdays;

* attending the National Prayer Gathering (in Kettering);

* mounting displays at the Southend College, inside Southend's Main Library (The Forum), and in the Victoria Centre; and

* enjoying a team BBQ!

In 2023 we will be out as usual on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

We also hope to put out a monthly Saturday evening patrol.

We support vulnerable people in different situations by:--

- offering a listening ear to those who want or need to talk;

- giving flip-flops to females to prevent injury to their feet from broken glass;

- giving bottles of water, and hot drinks and foil blankets to people at risk of exposure/hypothermia;

- clearing away broken or discarded bottles or glasses to remove potential weapons or sources of injury;

- attending anti-social incidents (providing first aid where necessary - most Street Pastors are trained in first-aid); and 

- bringing calmness to aggressive situations.

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