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Prayer - The unseen key to the success of every ministry in the church.
   "Make your life a prayer" 
1 Thesssalonians 5:17
(The Passion Translation)
As we pray, we receive strength and faith to continue in the work we are called to -
shining God's light into dark places.
Prayer is our ability to stand in the gap and intercede for cities, communities, churches, nations, families, and ordinary people so that God's plans can be implemented over and above the plans of the enemy.
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As followers of Jesus, we believe that God has called a team of fellow Christians to be Street Pastors in Southend. Listening, Caring and helping, they follow the example of Jesus himself, who could be said to be the original Street Pastor. Prayer is an essential part of this ministry, so Prayer Pastors support in prayer all Street Pastor patrols as they serve our City of Southend.

Some Prayer Pastors will go out with the team of Street Pastors.

But, other Prayer Pastors pray from home; they want to pray for the work of their local Street Pastors but prefer, or need to, pray at home.

Here are some quotes about the role of Prayer Pastors:

- “Prayer has the power to set the culture of each Street Pastor patrol and the impact that each patrol

  has.” (Prayer Pastor Stroud)

- “Prayer is an intrinsic part of our service.” (Prayer Pastor Stroud)

- “It is by prayer that we link into the Father heart of God, who loves each one of us, and wants to

  connect with those we meet on the Streets.” (AR)

- “Prayer Pastoring is praying over the patrol the compassion of Jesus for the people of the City”. (AR)

As the teams of Street Pastors serve the people on the streets of our City,
the Prayer Pastors establish a strong and healthy foundation of prayer
and help bring an atmosphere of calm and peace. 

Come and join us as we support our Street Pastors while out on patrol. 

If you are interested in becoming a Prayer Pastor,
please contact our Prayer Co-Ordinator at: .  
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